BIDG is a not-for-profit local non-governmental Organization. We believe in tackling global and regional agriculture and environmental issues with Bamboo Agroforestry systems.

Our community based approach of combining bamboo with food crops will rejuvenate soils, Improve biodiversity and mitigate climate change. Living standards will be improved, as poverty will be reduced through these good farming practices.

BIDG’s Afram Plains Pilot Projects follows a proven concept of its partner organization, Environmental Bamboo Foundation in Indonesia. This methodology has improved the hardship of many farming communities.


Our aim is to equip vulnerable farming communities to be resilient to climate change and diversify / mitigate risks.


The broad objectives of BIDG shall include but not limited to;

1.  Sustainably developing bamboo agroforestry systems in a community based approach for quality culms and effective resource utilization to reduce poverty.

2.  Sustainable manufacture of quality bamboo and NTFP `s (Non Timber Forest Products) through community based resilient bamboo agroforestry systems and capacity building.

3.  Building and improving stakeholder capacities for improved bamboo agroforestry management practices to enhance product quality and environmental benefits.

4.  Converting slash and burn farmers to Agroforesters.

5.  Forming partnerships with local and international bodies to promote sustainable agricultural technologies which tackles local economic and global environmental issues either acting as an implementation and or technology transfer agency.